Geocache Manager

GeoFroggerFX is an open source application for managing geocaches, based on the groundspeak gpx files.

Currently this application is in a very early state as it started as a JavaFX playground.


What is this project about?

As I am currently developing an JavaFX client for my company, I needed some playground for experimenting with the technology. I had a some gpx parsing classes from my netbeans RCP experiments and thought it would be a good idea develop a little geocaching application.

The code is available on GitHub and can be downloaded from


Some screenshots of the application.


These is an early preview of the version 2.preAlpha and you need Java8 installed to run it!

Just unzip the folder and use one of the scripts in GeoFroggerFX\bin to start the application.


GPX with 1000 caches to test: 1000_Caches.7z

GPX with 11334 caches to test: 11334_Caches.7z


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